Thursday, October 14, 2010


my first ever blog post and i'm gonna vent my anger.hahhh! >:-/
seriously,some ppl just think ur stupid or wat..?i dun care ah if u wanna add him kat fb or wat..i dun care if ur interested in him or what..i dun care if he's interested in u or wat also..i dun care what goes on btwn u guys..the least u can do is tell me nicely tht u like him/her and ur interested..i dun mind at all.and then,u stupid guy,pretending to ask me out on a date and all,then wen u befrended her,u pretended to forget tht u actually asked me out on a date..i'm not stupid,i've got enuff brains to put two and two together.and yeah,,nk thank her on fb,,no balls to say her name pe?and u,the one whom i thot my fren,pon same..?pkai initials and all?pls..i'm not dumb!!!